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CodeCop Issue: Deleting an Issue

Name: Deleting an Issue
ID: 5
Project: CodeCop
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: duncan
Created: 03/26/09 12:18 PM
Updated: 03/26/09 12:18 PM
Description: When go into Edit an issue, then choose to Delete it, it gives the Javascript alert warning you're about to permanently delete it. Then returns you to the list of issues, where it's still listed.

The only difference is the Packages checkbox is unticked. When you then try and Delete it again, it warns you that you must select the Package. Doing that, then deleting, just does the same thing.

Doing the delete from the page listing all issues seems to work ok though.
History: Created by duncan (duncan) : 03/26/09 12:18 PM

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